Did you know every home game requires around 100 volunteer roles to be filled to run? That includes entry gate personnel, umpires, canteen, first aid, time keepers, canteen workers, afternoon tea/dinner meal donations & more. We host 8 home games per season which means around 800 volunteer roles to fill through the season. Add to this the Auskick parent roster for midweek trainings & other unrostered club helpers we are approaching 1,000 rotating volunteer positions in a season. We're going to need your help.

Thankyou in advance for signing up to any of our club rosters. Sharing the workload is about building a sustainable club, avoiding volunteer burn out & mentoring our next generation of players on how to run our club. Using rosters is the best tool to manage so many moving parts whilst ensuring match days stay fun & safe. We look forward to your contribution in keeping our club functioning smoothly. Please click through our rosters and sign up for as many shifts as you can.



Umpiring is exciting and puts you right amidst all the football action! We need over 250 umpire / match officials shifts filled per season. Thats around 6-9 umpires officials for all 4 grades played at each of our 8 home games. Players are expected to umpire 1-3 times per season and we need parents help too, training can be provided for those that don't know the rules. Umpiring duties are run by the team coaches / managers. Please see them to offer your availability and or see when you have been rostered in if they have a structured roster. Seniors umpiring is often only allocated on the day of play as it's largely dependent on who has been able to attend. 


Dinner Series_Final Dinner Managers.jpg

Home game dinners are a fundraising opportunity for the Junior division of the club (Auskick, D & C Grade) and raise around $2,500 nett to subsidise registration fees & equipment. We sell in excess of 500 over the counter take away style meals throughout our home game dinner series and we call on Junior families to donate the pre cooked bulk meal (eg.a casserole to serve 7-10). We then also need a team of 4-6 kitchen helpers to serve on the night from approx 5pm - 7pm. Click through to the roster below to see see what night you have been allocated to donate a meal and to sign up to a dinner helper shift. If you are a junior parent, please fill the Junior Fundraiser Dinner shifts first then offer your help to the day canteen. The Day canteen is managed by the seniors administration of the club but funds raised are used for shared club facilities that Juniors benefit from too such as grounds, first aid, equipment etc.



We have around 70 day canteen shifts to fill per season. Thats around 9 helpers per each of our 7 or 8 home games. They are short shifts of a couple of hours. We are a progressive club and this is not just the domain of women folk. Players, or a partner / family member are welcome & full support is given for newbies learning the ropes. The canteen is fun and good work experience too! Refer to our Facebook group to watch for recruiting posts or ask your team manager / coach who runs the day canteen.




We have 167 parent helper shifts to fill for the Auskick training sessions. In addition to our Head Coach/ Director at Tuesday trainings we need an extra 5-10 adults at each training session x 16 weeks of the season. Auskick is not a drop and run after school care session where your kids skills will be developed by someone else, it's a community effort & all parents are expected to contribute to running of the season. Around 50-60 kids sign up for Auskick per season, thats way more than 1 volunteer parent coach can juggle. Your kids will love seeing you join in and it's a great way to meet other local parents. Please refer tot he Auskick Manager to find out about how to sign up to help.



Always seeking more First Aid Officers. Contact the current Club President to offer you assistance. The club provides formal first aid training where required for screened candidates.



Through the season repairs and maintenance jobs come up where we need a group to get things done. The club also received offers to do jobs in the community we can receive donation / fee for completing which is great for fundraising & allows the club to subsidise player fees. Contact Life Member Phil Salmeri to find out when the next working bee is happening.