THIS PRODUCT IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY - payment must be made direct to club officials via EFTPOS.


Boddington Football Club Membership including playing and social membership fees.


$100 Seniors or A & B grade player member (over 18yo)

$60 Juniors or C & D grade player member (under 18yo)

$60 Apprentice A & B grade Member (Proof will be requested after purchase)

$100 Golden Eagle Social Member per person


- Includes club/player registration fee.

- Validates this seasons player injury insurance. 

- Extends beyond current season to covers next years pre-season training insurance.

- Senior player members are entitled to a vote at any Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting.

- Junior player members voting rights transfer onto Ault parent/guardian.

- Golden Eagle membership voting rights included for the primary person.

- Golden Eagle membership includes an Eagle Gate Pass & a 10% discount from our uniform shop.


Players are also required to complete the national online registration process via PlayHQ, refer to Home Page of Boddington FC website.


Club Membership